In 2013, it occurred to me I definitely needed a more practical trash can.
By dint of seeing my children stuffing the trash can until the lid no longer closes, I got unhappy altogether with the trash can, my children and the garbage bag that tore!
Finally, I decided to buy an easy trash can with a front side door.
So, I browsed through the internet, sure that such a thing already existed ... no-well, nothing of that sort!
Everyone around me were experiencing the same trouble pulling out the garbage bag when full. Well, in 2014, I filed my invention in the French INPI.
I did put a lot of energy, time and personal money to learn computer-aided design and 3D, make prototypes with specialists, find more and more tips and solutions to meet a challenging situation.
My daughter named "Andrelle» the invention, and my wife added: "With Andrelle Trash Can: it’s over with rebel bags!", a family story, in fact.
In 2017, we were awarded a bronze medal at the Lépine contest at the Paris Fair for our invention Andrelle.
Today we are happy to offer a new trash can that will facilitate a very frequent chore, then you will wonder why it had been not thought of earlier!


Andrelle is a regular trash can, it equipped with a pedal-controlled lid as well as a front side opening door. When opening both the lid and the door, the garbage bag is set loose.
The can shape is ideally designed so that nothing hinders pulling out the bag.
Besides, pliers are arranged all around the top of the can, that which allows to use any bag size. Thus, smaller bags can be used.
Andrelle 40 / 45 liter capacity makes it efficient and space-saving enough. 50 liter bags can very well wrap up the upper edge.

Competitive advantages :

- Less effort, no more need to tight up the can in between the knees to pull out the bags.
- Easy cleaning, hygiene is better secured through the front side opening door.
- It fast comes clear that number of bags are saved by firmly filling up.

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