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La poubelle ANDRELLE en vidéo

For 116 years, many of the inventions of the mythical Concours Lépine have simplified our daily lives. That’s why each year, the thousands of visitors to the Foire de Paris meet the inventors dubbed by this demanding association, in line with the expectations of consumers. This year again, ingenuity was at the appointment.

Once again, the selection of the Lépine Contest unveiled innovations that will soon be part of our daily lives. The enthusiasm and curiosity of buyers are proof of this. And the latest arrival is the trash can ANDRELLE.

Developed by Fabrice André, entrepreneur of 46 years, ANDRELLE is a practical, ergonomic, economical, great trash can, using less bag and hygienic fully designed and assembled in France. Invention is presented at the Lépine 2017 competition.

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