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M6: It seems thoroughly stupid !
This coming from Jerome Bonaldi at the show on M6 “My invention is worth the gold“. Once he understood what is was all about, he just said astonishly « may I give you a kiss ?! » Of course you can. (Link) and he did.

THE PARISIEN (Hauts de Seine – edition of the 27/04/2017) : a banner on the front page: The inventor who wants to revolutionize the trash can. On the front page of the central workbook: With his trash can, it’s over with ripped bags.

THE SUNDAY NEWSPAPER (May 7, 2017): One wonders why it did not exist earlier.

HOUSE AND GARDEN (December 2017): Andrelle the revolutionary trash can.

C8 (May 2017): The invention you definitely need.
This coming from Jean-Philippe Doux at the show on C8 TV « What does Camille thinks about it ».

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