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Andrelle foire de paris

In 2013, it occurred to me I definitely needed a more practical trash can.
By dint of seeing my children stuffing the trash can until the lid no longer closes, I got unhappy altogether with the trash can, my children and the garbage bag that tore!

Finally, I decided to buy an easy trash can with a front side door.

So, I browsed through the internet, sure that such a thing already existed … no-well, nothing of that sort!
Everyone around me were experiencing the same trouble pulling out the garbage bag when full. Well, in 2014, I filed my invention in the French INPI.

I did put a lot of energy, time and personal money to learn computer-aided design and 3D, make prototypes with specialists, find more and more tips and solutions to meet a challenging situation.

My daughter named “Andrelle» the invention, and my wife added: “With Andrelle Trash Can: it’s over with rebel bags!”, a family story, in fact.

In 2017, we were awarded a bronze medal at the Lépine contest at the Paris Fair for our invention Andrelle.
Today we are happy to offer a new trash can that will facilitate a very frequent chore, then you will wonder why it had been not thought of earlier!

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